We’re in business!

Paws and Smell the Flowers is officially up and running in Peterborough!  We welcome you and your furry family members into ours.

The dogs and I have been discovering all the parks and trails and we’re loving every minute of it. Rest assured your dog will have more than enough great options for his or her daily walks with Paws and Smell the Flowers.

Check out all our pet services and rates here.  Give us a call, or message us and we can discuss what’s the best service plan to suit you and your pet’s individual needs.  We can schedule a complimentary meet and greet and see if we are a good fit for you and your 4-legged kin.

Let us help ease your stress knowing your pet is in our experienced professional hands, getting the exercise, stimulation and love they deserve.  We will enjoy spending time with your fur baby as much as you do!

We’re looking forward to meeting new people and their furry family members. Here’s to a great summer in Peterborough!

New Adventures in Peterborough

I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. After four decades I am ready for a change. Moving to Peterborough may not seem like the”biggest move ever” to some, but to me it’s a giant exciting step.

My parents and brother moved out of Toronto about 11 years ago to a small town, I had never heard of, called Campbellford. My partner, the dogs and I have grown to love visiting my family up in the country. My niece was born there. I want to be closer to everyone, and I want to be closer to nature. Peterborough seemed like the best of both worlds. It has a great little city life happening, vibrant music and arts community and also plenty of green spaces, including forests, rivers and lakes.

I have been working at a busy veterinary clinic for over 8 years and it has taught me so much. I am grateful for those years of helping animals heal and stay healthy, and advising people how to care for their pets the best way they can. However, I miss my dog walking days for so many reasons. As a professional dog walker you get to care for other people’s fur babies, like they are your own. You get attached to them and bonds are formed. You find yourself missing them when they are not around. I love being outside everyday walking with my four-legged, companions. I love the fresh air and I love experiencing every type of weather. Of course, you’re out walking in the worst, wettest, coldest, snowiest days, but you are also out there enjoying every single sunny and beautiful day too.

I look forward to building my business, Paws and Smell the Flowers, in this new town and making many new furry and non-furry friends.

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