What’s involved in a daily dog walk?

You have a choice of a private or small group walk , with a maximum of 4 dogs per group.  For private walks we will stick to your neighborhood at the beginning so your dog feels comfortable and safe. Walks are almost always on-leash. Off-leash exercise will only be considered if your dog has excellent re-call and will be in a contained and safe park space. 

I can leave a daily written report in your home or I can text you to let you know how the day went and what your dog did. 

On hot days, he/she will have access to water on the walk and once home I will refresh water bowls and offer treats or food if you like. 

If your dog gets wet or muddy I will towel dry he/she so they there is not a mess left in your house. 

What’s involved in a daily cat visit?

Cat visits are a minimum of 30 minutes in length. I will spend time with your fur baby, petting, playing, and brushing them. I will replenish all food and water bowls. I will clean the litter box.

I can also administer any special medications for an additional fee of $5.oo per visit. If you are away on vacation or just a few days, I can also rotate lights on and off and pick up your mail and newspapers. I can also arrange to water plants inside and/or outdoors. Fees can be negotiated. 

How can I trust you with my fur baby?

I am fully insured and bonded. I have over 20 years of experience walking dogs and caring for cats and other  pets. I worked for a professional dog walking company for several years where I often walked up to 6 dogs at a time with a proven safety record. I graduated from  a 2 year course in Animal Care at Georgian College, which included Pet First Aid.  For the last 8 years, I worked at a fast-paced veterinary clinic, Blue Cross Animal Hospital, in Toronto.  I know how to detect the signs of distress in animals and I’m experienced in emergency situations. Take comfort in knowing your pet will be in skilled, safe and trust-worthy hands. Above all, I will treat your fur baby exactly the same way I treat mine, with love, patience and respect.

Do you offer training services?

Although I have participated in training seminars by Caryn Liles of the Toronto Centre for Canine Education and I am a  Fear Free Certified Professional I do not offer dog training services.  I will, however, positively reinforce the obedience and training skills you have set out for your dog.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand how plans can change unexpectedly therefore we do not charge any cancellation fees. We do require a call, text or email prior to your pet’s scheduled visit or there will be a charge of $10.00 for travel to your pet’s home without notice of cancellation.