At Paws and Smell the Flowers , we offer a personal touch tailoring to you and your pet’s individual and unique needs. Your fur babies will be loved, safe, and secure while in our insured and experienced professional care.

Specializing in on-leash dog walks, offering both private and small group walks, low-impact and shorter senior walks and fun and intimate puppy and cat visits. Off leash walks can be arranged in fenced in parks or secluded trails and only if your pup has excellent re-call.

Whether its a walk in the park, a peaceful trail walk in the forest, or perhaps a relaxing stroll around your neighbourhood.  Our goal is to give your furry family member our undivided attention and a stimulating and stress-free experience to paws and smell the flowers as much as he or she desires.

We believe every pet is precious and an important part of the family. We will enjoy spending time with your pet as much as you do.


Interested in a meet and greet?

Give us a call or email pawsandsmelltheflowers@gmail.com

We look forward to a fulfilling relationship with you and your fur baby.


We are fully insured and bonded.

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